Companion for efficient learning and memorizing.

Qsets is an offline flashcard-based learning application designed to help you master any topic at your pace and convenience. Whether you're studying for a big test, learning a new language, or simply trying to remember important information.


Flexible Study Methods

Tailor your study with Flashcards, Multiple Choices, or Typing. Recall, recognize, or respond your way to knowledge mastery.


Progressive Mastery with Spaced Repetition

Master more, faster. Qsets harnesses spaced repetition in a smart deck system. Conquer a deck, and you level up—while progress bars track your mastery and nudge you to refresh your memory, ensuring you lock in knowledge for the long haul.



Hear the words you're studying pronounced in multiple languages, from 日本語 to Svenska and beyond.


Interface Language

Qsets currently supports English, Ukrainian, Polish, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.



Your data remain strictly on your device—no storage on remote servers, no collection, no sharing.


Activity Progress

Monitor your study habits with Activity Progress. It records your dedication, highlighting streaks and progress over time, inspiring you to keep the momentum going.


Import & Export

Seamlessly integrate your study material by importing your flashcards into Qsets. Ready to share? Export with ease for simple collaboration and exchange of resources.

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Remember, Qsets is designed to be flexible and personal. You decide what to learn, how to organize it, and when to study. With Qsets, learning is truly in your hands.