Welcome to Qsets, your personal pocket companion for efficient learning and memorizing. Qsets is an offline flashcard-based learning application designed to help you master any topic at your pace and convenience. Whether you're studying for a big test, learning a new language, or simply trying to remember important information, Qsets makes it easy and flexible.

How does Qsets work?

Creating Cards: At the heart of Qsets are flashcards, which consist of a question or hint on one side, and the answer on the other.

Organizing Cards: Qsets allows you to group related flashcards into folders. For example, you might have a folder for 'Spanish Verbs' or 'Historical Dates'.

Studying: To start studying, select a study set from your collection. Qsets will present the cards one by one. Qsets offers three study methods: Flashcards, Multiple Choices, and Typing. Flashcards display a hint for you to recall the answer. Multiple Choices provides a question with choices, you pick your answer. With Typing, you key in your answer to the question. You have full control to customize your study methods in the study set's settings.

Progress Tracking: Qsets tracks your progress over time. You can see how much you've learned and your streak days. This information can be accessed from the 'Activity' section on the main screen.

Spaced Repetition

Unlock the power of your memory with spaced repetition feature. Qsets leverages this scientifically-proven technique to enhance your learning efficiency and retention.

Spaced repetition works by intelligently scheduling reviews, presenting you with information just as you're about to forget it. This method strengthens your memory recall over time, ensuring that knowledge sticks and is easily retrievable.

Choose your interface language

Qsets currently supports English, Ukrainian, Polish, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Text-to-Speech in multiple languages

Hear the words you're studying pronounced in multiple languages. Whether it's 日本語, Română, Svenska, or any other language, Qsets has got your back.

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Remember, Qsets is designed to be flexible and personal. You decide what to learn, how to organize it, and when to study. With Qsets, learning is truly in your hands.