Getting Started with Qsets

Embark on your Qsets journey! This guide provides foundational steps to navigate the app, optimize your learning experience, and make the most of every feature.

Introduction to Qsets

Qsets aims to transform how you approach flashcard-based learning. With a simple interface and unique learning methodology, we hope it becomes your go-to tool for memorization, language learning, and more.

Creating a New Set

To create a new set:

  • Tap on the pencil icon on the bottom navigation.
  • Provide a name for your set.
  • Within the study set, navigate to the cards section and start adding cards by entering the front and back content.
  • Additionally, you can adjust study set preferences, such as selecting study methods or configuring audio and grading options, by navigating to the Settings section within the study set.
  • Save the set when you're done.

Studying a Set

Choose a set from the folder list and tap on it. You'll be presented with the first deck. As you progress and master cards, they move to subsequent decks, ensuring a structured learning path.

Deck Lock Mechanism and Progress Bars

Qsets uses a progressive learning methodology coupled with the principles of spaced repetition. Cards are divided into decks, and as you master content from one deck, you'll progress to the next. Each deck has a progress bar indicating how much you've mastered from it. Over time, based on your learning, the progress bar decreases, reminding you to revisit and reinforce what you've learned. This ensures not only systematic learning but also long-term retention.

Editing, Removing, and Managing Sets

To remove a set from the folder list, simply swipe left on the desired set. This will reveal options to either remove the set or move it to a different folder.

If you wish to access more detailed management options, open the set you're interested in. At the top navigation bar, you'll find a three-dot icon. Tapping on this will open a pop-up menu. Here, you can:

  • Edit the set's content or details.
  • Dive into Settings to adjust study set preferences like choosing study methods, or setting audio and grading options.
  • Add the set to a specific folder.
  • Remove the set.